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Insuring the wellness of humankind with best-quality Ayurvedic Medicines of "Vaidyamrit" brand, at cost-effective prices.

Ayurveda is mainly a spiritual as well as traditional way of curing the maladies. Located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, we Shreshay Exim Pvt Ltd. are assisting our clients to live a healthy life, by offering them the best Ayurvedic Syrup for Heart Care, Herbal Heart Care Syrup, and other Ayurvedic products, made with hand-picked ayurvedic extracts and herbs. We are selling these Ayurvedic Medicines under the brand "Vaidyamrit".


In olden dayy humans lived closed to Nature and whenerve they are indisposed they cured themselves by the resource and materials provided by Nature. The field of Ayurveda comprises to give solutions for all kind of disease which was considered impossible by other field of Medical Science.
Ayurveda in Sanskrit means Life Knowledge whereas Ayu denotes for Life and Veda denotes for Knowledge. Therefore, it is knowledge about Science of Life and Well Being of Mankind. In India it has been traditional from of Indian Medicine developed by ancient sages which led to the development of constitutional medicine.